Rapid Test Kit Components

Sample Pad (Type GF)
Sample pad acts as a platform where the analyte is placed at the time of the assay. The Sampling pad acts as a carrier for the analyte to the conjugate release pad. Minipore offers sample pad-type GF with high adsorption capacity and consistent capillary flow. The non-reactive and non-binding properties of glass fibre (GF) material allow steady and uniform flow of analyte and prevent non-specific binding of sample components to the pad. Each manufacturing lot of GF is produced under stringent quality control processes to provide you with the most reliable solution. GF sampling pads are available in standard thicknesses of 0.35 µm and 0.60 µm in sheet or strip form. 

Key Properties Low Protein Binding: 

  • Low Protein Binding: Maintains test sensitivity
  • Consistent Capillary Action: Reproducibility in results
  • Highly Hydrophilic: Enables rapid wetting
  • High Tensile Strength: Easy handling during manufacturing process

Conjugate Release Matrix (Type Polyester)

Conjugate Release Matrix is composed of polyester materials and is the platform where the assay detection conjugate (such as gold conjugate) is placed in dried form. It acts as a reservoir for conjugate and transfers the analyte quickly to nitrocellulose membrane. It has minimal additives so that user may include additives as per requirements. Polyester conjugated pads are suitable for a wide range of diagnostic applications such as infectious disease screening, pregnancy testing, drug abuse monitoring, animal screening and food and beverage testing.
Conjugate pads are available in reel, sheet as well as strip formats (treated and untreated form)

Key Properties Low Protein Binding: 

  • Uniform thickness: Ensures reproducibility in results
  • Uniform Capillary Flow : Offers uniform wetting & flow of gold conjugate
  • High-purity polyester material: Wide chemical
    compatibility and ensured for leachable
  • High conjugate release: Reduction in reagent costs and
    higher control line intensity
  • Pre-treated options: Cost-effective solution

Adsorbent Pad (Type cellulose)

Adsorbent pad acts as a sink for the analyte, controls the analyte flow and is placed at the end of the downstream test kit. Conjugate pads are available in reel, sheet and strip formats (treated and untreated). Adsorbent pads are available in a standard thickness range of 0.40 µm to 1.40 µm in sheet or strip form.

Key Properties Low Protein Binding: 

  • High Adsorption capacity : Ensures specificity in test
  • Highly Hydrophilic : Minimal sample loss
  • Pre-treated options: Cost-effective solution

Ordering Information

To order Sample Pad, Conjugate Release Matrix and/or Absorbent Pad, please specify the desired length and width along with quantity.