MiniWick+ Nitrocellulose Membrane for LFA

MiniWick+ Nitrocellulose Membrane for Lateral Flow Immunoassay

In clinical tests and rapid diagnostic tests, Nitrocellulose membrane is one of the critical components of the assay. In the nitrocellulose membrane, its high protein binding ability, smooth surface quality and consistency in performance are the essential parameters of the substrate being used as a base for diagnostic tests. Our MiniWick+ Nitrocellulose Membrane offers consistency in quality across manufacturing lots and offers a uniform wicking rate and high protein binding.  
Product Attributes

High purity Nitrocellulose: High grade nitrocellulose polymer is used during manufacturing process with no interference experienced during pre and post chemical treatment
High Protein Binding: Offers an inherent nitrocellulose membrane with uniform pore distribution
Superior Surface Quality : Surface enhances sensitivity during the test
High Stability: Products are validated ensuring high stability
Regulated Quality Assurance: All necessary steps considered during quality control before product release, 100% quality assured products
Consistency in Manufacturing Lot: Validated for consistency in product quality with different lots (Intra–Lot and Inter–Lot consistency)


MiniWick+ NC membranes act as vital substrates for rapid diagnostic tests where antigen-antibody interaction occurs under the lateral flow principle and require high consistency in wicking rate (capillary flow) and thickness uniformity. Membrane thickness over backed polyester and capillary flow response are key parameters that are controlled with a typical coefficient of variation (CV) between 2 and 5% during the manufacturing process at Minipore’s production facility.


  • Product Type: Polyester backed Nitrocellulose
  • Core MOC : Non-reacting plastic
  • Reel Core Size : 76 mm (± 0.5 mm)
  • Pore Rating : Available in pore rating format 8-15 µm

Features and Benefits

  • Economical and viable solution to rapid test kits
  • Offered with Complete traceability
  • Consistency in performance check
  • Stringent Quality Assurance embraced product quality
  • Customization in sizes
  • Reliability in supply chain
  •  Validated Products for reproducible results
  • ISO 13485 compliance products

Regulatory Compliance
MiniWick+ Nitrocellulose membrane is processed and packed in a controlled, clean environment in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility of Minipore Micro Products and follows the globally accepted guidelines and standards. CE-certified products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility.