MiniWick+ NC Membrane : Selection Criteria

How to choose correct Nitrocellulose Membrane for Lateral Flow Analysis

Selection of membrane depends on the assay. Ag-Ab interaction during actual assay depends upon binding strength of nitrocellulose membrane. The selection of an appropriate nitrocellulose membrane is pivotal for the development of a high performance lateral flow  test. Each type of nitrocellulose membrane has unique capillary flow rate based on the physical attributes of the membrane and the manufacturing process that impact the flow dynamics, sensitivity, specificity, and consistency of the assay

Correlation between Capillary Flow Rate (CFR) and Signal Sensitivity (SS)
The capillary flow rate is the flow time (sec) at which a analyte moves along a membrane strip in a rapid diagnostic test strip during actual application. Usually 4 cm distance measured for CFR analysis and there is a direct correlation between the capillary flow rate and sensitivity of the membrane. We do understand intend diagnostic application requirements of membrane which enables user to select the appropriate membrane accordingly